We enhance the candidate experience by helping you create a strong employment presence so you can land that perfect career opportunity with a Canadian employer. We believe in empowering you in your employment search and career choices.



At, we offer you a hands-on approach to preparing you for an interview. Our comprehensive HR package is a tailor-made solution for international talent looking for employment opportunities in Canada. Our complete Employment Enhancement and Coaching Package (EECP) includes 3 comprehensive modules to create a robust HR package for you. The 3 modules can be taken separately or can be grouped to fit your budget and needs.


Module 1

Canadian-style Resume, Cover Letter and DataBase of Prospective Employers

We create a Canadian-style Professional Resume outlining your education, employment history and other hiring attributes in a concise format that Canadian hiring managers and talent acquisition specialists seek in a prospective candidate, which includes a Cover Letter for you to target employers in Canada.

We provide you with a comprehensive database with complete contact information comprising at least 250 Prospective Employers who we identify as potential hiring companies in your occupation in Canada, for you to contact. This list is customized to your profession, work experience and career goals.

Module 2

Optimization of LinkedIn Profile

The creation and optimization of an effective LinkedIn profile. We will train you on how to use LinkedIn via face‐to‐face live coaching and customized online training. We will show you how to use LinkedIn to help you find a career job in Canada. It includes:

  • Optimization of your LinkedIn Profile to appear in key‐word searches to help you stand out
  • Identifying and strategically presenting your primary and secondary skills
  • Effectively guiding you to write and perfect a winning LinkedIn profile summary
  • Keyword density tips and strategies
  • Building endorsements
  • Identifying the best industries for you to target
  • Focusing on companies that have been recently hiring
  • Creating job alerts, and many other benefits

Module 3

One-way Video Interview, Real-time Coaching and Customized Online Courses

Visual impressions are crucial for international candidates when presenting their professional profiles to Canadian employers. It makes or breaks the chances of candidates landing a job. It is crucial to make a great first impression. Let us help you with this step in the recruitment process. Our HR specialists provide candidates with customized coaching in the preparation and creation of One-way Video Interviews.

You will have Real-time Career Coaching sessions with an HR specialist to learn effective interview strategies to maximize your chances of landing a career job in Canada. This module also includes Professional Online Courses to help you enhance your employment profile and to prepare you for a live video or in-person interview.