As a Sales Manager I have developed strong communication & interpersonal skills which are very essential when working in a Sales / Customer Management role. I believe that in order to be a successful Sales personnel, one has to effectively manage two very important sets of customers i.e. One who are buying your product (external customers) and one your back end team or management (internal customers). It’s not just a saying but a fact that 94% of all problems in Business are system related and not product related and so one has to understand not only their internal system procedures but also customer system procedures to be able to develop a healthy buyer- seller relationship. I believe working right from the start of my career in a customer oriented role has inculcated in me the qualities which are essential for this Job. Also having worked with teams across Europe, Singapore and India has helped me understanding different cultures and how to build an effective bridge between different cultures. I believe my work experience; education and above description will qualify me for consideration for an interview wherein I can further describe myself. Also pleased to mention that I am legally eligible to work in Canada as I have received my Permanent Residency Status and intend to be in Canada by July 2018 and I do not need any company sponsorship.

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